Watermelon Round-up

It’s official!  Summer is here!

How about some watermelon recipes to enjoy?  First up, one of my son’s favorites.  It is one of my favorites too, because it is SO easy and a great way to hydrate and use up watermelon at the same time.  Then, a few links to watermelon recipes I have found from various blogs and websites.  Lastly, The Environmental Working Group has updated their “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” produce lists and I want to make sure you all get it.  Enjoy!


4-5 cups diced watermelon

water, if desired

Fill your blender with the diced watermelon and blend till smooth.  The pieces on the bottom need to be small enough for the blades to get to them for it to blend well.  If you need to, add 1/4 cup water to get things moving.  Pour into a pitcher.  I usually give it to Beck at this point, it is thick like a smoothie.  The traditional way to serve it is to add water until it is thin like lemonade, at least 3-4 cups.  Experiment a bit and see how you like it.  If the watermelon you are starting out with is a bit on the bland side, you can add a bit of sugar and/or lime juice to brighten it up.

More Watermelon Recipes

If you are ready to be a bit more adventurous, here is another delicious sounding drink from the Against All Grain blog: Watermelon Mint Lemonade. From the same blog, check out her watermelon salad.

For a bit fancier way to serve watermelon wedges, try Watermelon with Fennel Salt from Gourmet Magazine.

Whole Foods has a recipe for watermelon salad with tomatoes, goat cheese, and basil.

In the mood for a cold soup? How about Dr. Weil’s Summer Melon Soup.

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

EWG has updated their lists based on the most recent data.  It is worth noting that they have actually added 2 items to the dirty dozen, green beans and leafy greens such as kale and collards because they are often contaminated with very toxic organophosphate insecticides.  They also recommend purchasing organic corn if you are concerned about genetically modified food.  See the list here.

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